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A Jerry Maguire character on a Walter Mitty road trip.
Light drama. 90 mins. In post-production.

When a down-and-out Sydney filmmaker learns he needs a bankable movie star to finally make it big, he coerces his estranged father into an outback road trip to find an elusive actor.

Starring: Daniel Green [Battalion, White Lines, 80 Proof] Andy McPhee [Sons of Anarchy, Animal Kingdom], Anthony Brandon Wong [Flight of the Phoenix, The Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions], Benita Collings [Play School, Janet King], Mike Goldman [Big Brother, Robot 4] and Emm Wiseman [Winchester].

Desert Thief Down

12 Strong meets Taken.
War/action/thriller. 120 mins. In development.

When a party of highland tribesmen are butchered at the hands of religious radicals, the North Sumatran governor finds himself a witness - and a target. His only hope lies in the hands of hired gun Christian Hunter and his Desert Thieves, a rag tag mercenary unit already on the verge of mutiny. But under new leadership and on foreign turf, the Desert Thieves soon find their biggest threat may not be the crusade of the militants, but Hunter’s deeply troubled past itself.

Last Honest Man

Jack Reacher meets Lawless in the Australian outback.
Neo-western/thriller. 100 mins. In development.

When First Nations boxer Casey White returns home to his dusty outback town after a decade of wrongful imprisonment, he yearns for nothing but the simple life. But when Casey discovers his beloved Silverton has decayed into a cesspool of police brutality, corruption and fear - Casey’s violent streak begins to emerge whether he likes it or not. Last Honest Man is a story of being who you are; even if it costs you everything you hold dear.

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