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The mighty minds that make up Freeway One Entertainment.

Daniel Green. Founder, Freeway One Entertainment.

Daniel Green


Cutting his teeth on five-score stage, film and television projects, writer/producer/director Daniel Green initially built his storytelling vision through time in front of the camera. With over a hundred acting gigs behind him and his ability to direct actors finely tuned [coupled with a strong suite of emotionally compelling, witty screenwriting] Daniel has set his sights on perfecting the craft of filmmaking itself - first with Homebound [2017] followed closely by The Pitch [2018]. Daniel’s next venture is the neo-western period feature Last Honest Man [2019]. Daniel believes that motion picture media is one of the most powerful tools in human history, and as such the social responsibility of the filmmaker is as integral as the story itself.

Michael Thomson

Producer/Production Manager

Producer Michael Thomson’s film experience spans 15 years on several continents and on both sides of the camera. Recognised as Best Actor at the Las Vegas Pollygrind film festival has at the ASIN awards for slasher feature Daddy’s Little Girl, Michael’s thirst to produce quality and engaging film and television has seen him move into producing. He is currently developing short film Jump [2018] and thriller feature The Unknown Soldier [2019].

Scott Pirlo

Producer/Production Manager

Scott has enjoyed a successful career acting in film, television and on stage across the last dozen years - both in Australia and the U.S. Developing his craft and passion for filmmaking, Scott has become an accomplished all-rounder, working on both sides of the camera in all aspects of production. Recent projects include the shorts Arcana and Sweet Jesus Rose and the 2016 feature Fearless Game. Currently developing a number of new projects for the stage and screen, Scott is focused on delivering entertaining and commercially viable content that stands out in the global market.

Aaron Singfield


Australian filmmaker Aaron Singfield is a multiple award winning cinematographer and feature film veteran, through both his production company Revue Factory and as a contract cinematographer. Coming into his eighth year behind the camera, Aaron has brought his indubitable skillset to scores of projects, including the astronomically successful period Australian short, A Godless Country.

Cristobal Penailillo. Audio engineer ad location recordist.

Cristobal Penalillo

Sound Engineer/Location Recordist

In 2009 Cristobal Peñailillo graduated from one of Latin America's oldest and most respected tertiary education institutions: The University of Chile. The gifted sound engineer went on to master his craft across three continents. Cris' career path drew him to New Zealand where he honed his skills on a wide range of live acts, films and TVC's including marques such as KFC and the Australian Human Rights Commission. Emigrating to Australia in 2017, Cris' primary drive is the capture of pure, flawless sound followed closely by the post-production of that sound.

Connie Gallo

Make Up Artist and SFX

Connie is a seasoned MUA, department head and SFX Artist who's skillset and courteous manner is in high demand nationwide. With hundreds of projects to her name, Connie has made up some of the most highly-insured faces in the business, most recently on the Pirates and Thor franchises along with Aquaman. When not dusting down the Hollywood elite Connie ships bespoke horror art and her make up brand worldwide through her business Bliss Cosmetics Australia.

Connie Gallo. MUA, MUA HOD and SFX artist.

Al Kang

VFX/3D Animation and Story Consultant

Canadian expat Al is a freelance screenwriter, artist and senior lecturer in 3D Computer Animation at the University of Swansea in Wales, UK. He develops new IP for Atomicom in Liverpool (Games), NoWhereFast Productions in London (Film), and Vicky Media in Hong Kong (Television). Not one to sit idle, Al is also in post-production for his feature film Internal Bleeding - a project he both wrote and directed. Al has more than 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, working for Cartoon Network, LucasArts and Electronic Arts as a writer and lead artist. His work can be seen in titles ranging from the animated series, Ed, Edd and Eddy to the Need for Speed videogame franchise. He has a published article in Australian film journal Metro Magazine and gives regular talks at the Swansea Animation Days [SAND] - an international conference for film, visual FX and computer animation. Al is a story teller at heart and a passionate advocate of the cinematic narrative. He believes that idealism is not tempered by reality, but informs it, and the crucible for that idealism is the imagination.

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